Happy Friday Saigon Cast/Pit/Parents:
The students have had a wonderful week of rehearsals. We had our first and second sitzprobe experience with the orchestra, and it was awesome! It really makes the show come to life (it also reminds us of the reality of our show timeline) We have done a lot of great work, but the students have a lot of work to do! Please see the reminders/SOS announcements below, to see what you can do to help this production come together.

Next Week’s Rehearsal Schedule:
Monday, February 8th- All Cast Sitzprobe #3 (Act II) 2:30-6:00 pm
Tuesday, February 9th- All Cast Choreography 2:30-6:00 pm
Wednesday, February 10th- Leads Only 4:30-6:00 pm
Thursday, February 11th- All Cast Choreography 2:30-6:00 pm
Friday, February 12th- All Cast Sitzprobe #4 (Act II) 2:30-DONE

Next Week’s Set Construction Schedule:
Monday, February 8th- 7-9 pm
Tuesday, February 9th- 7-9 pm
Thursday, February 11th- 7-9 pm
Friday, February 12th- 7-9 pm

Concession Donations for PIT and CAST families: Please see the list below for concession assignments. There are several reasons for this- 1. Our concession donations from Cinderella last year were very low for the demand of each performance. 2. Our concession committee last year was going shopping on a daily basis to purchase additional items. 3. We want to avoid that! 4. We want to maximize the profitability for the students, this show, and the Theatre program. PLEASE- purchase these items on your next trip to Kroger or Costco, and bring them in to the main office with “Saigon” labeled on them.

Last names A-E: 2 or 3 cases of water
Last names F-J: 1 box of regular size candy bars/sweets
Last names K-O: 2 boxes of individually packaged chips/salty snacks
Last names P-T: 2 cases of pop/juice
Last names U-Z: 1 box of regular size candy bars/sweets

Students need performance shoes: Although we are providing costumes, students need to provide their own footwear for every rehearsal from now until the performances. Vietnamese characters need black flats, American characters need business attire shoes, and bargirls need high heels that are a minimum of 1 ½ inch in height. Email sueellenkeith@comcast.net with any questions.

Advertisement Sell-Off is officially CLOSED: As the producer of this show, I have to say how immensely PROUD I am of the students for their hard work on the Advertisement Sell-Off. For Cinderella last year, we sold advertisements to only 15 businesses. This year, we have QUADRUPLED our community outreach, and sold to nearly 60 businesses! What an amazing accomplishment for the students, and a wonderful way to promote the show. 1st place winners (Team 5) sold $575 of advertisements, and 2nd place (Team 16) sold $525. Congrats to all the students for their hard work!

Can you iron a costume?- Sue Ellen, our show Costumer, needs help ironing numerous costumes. If you can come in to work your magic with an iron, please email Sue Ellen directly (sueellenkeith@comcast.net).
Have you bought your tickets yet?? Have you shared the news with family and friends??- Take advantage of the opportunity to secure your tickets now. They can be purchased at www.wlcstickets.com, and they run from $12 to $15 in price. Miss Saigon has never been performed in the history of the Walled Lake district. Invite your family and friends to come out and enjoy the district premiere of this amazing show! We will offer group discounts for community groups (churches, retirement homes, etc). Email matthewweber@wlcsd.org for more info.

As always thank you for your support. As we approach the show, please remember that it takes a village to put on such a massive production. We need YOU to make this happen. Any time you can help is GREATLY appreciated.

Have a great day,
Mrs. Ashley Ward
Choir Director
Musical Director/Producer
Walled Lake Northern High School