Technical Crew Information

Technical Crew


TECH CREWS, unlike the cast and the orchestra, do not have the same schedules every week. Depending on the different crews and the projects being worked on, your crews will meet as posted.  Crew schedule will be posted on the crew calendar and call board.

For our shows, we offer some of the most professional theatrical tech experiences available to a high school student. It’s an amazing experience which you won’t want to miss. Questions, just ask.

Here are some of the areas that we will need students working on crews.  Which interest you the most?

Costumes, Lighting, Makeup, Hair & Wigs,  Props, Publicity, Set Construction, Set Painting, Lighting, Sound, Special Effects, Stage Management Show Tech Crew (backstage run crew), Rigging and so much more.

For more information please contact our Auditorium Manager ~ Matthew Weber  Email: or Cell: 248-521-4198


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1390389446_ETC-Ion                                               Yamaha LS9 Console