Walled Lake Northern High School Performing Arts Department is more than the idea of a good education in the arts, but a family of dedicated and passionate directors, students and parents. Each member of the Production Team below has a desire to not only teach, but to share with the community the need for artistic expression as a means to communicate our joys and struggles. Italian Actor, Director and Playwright Dario Fo puts it best, “A theater, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own time has no relevance.”

To support Walled Lake Northern’s students to artistically “speak for their own time”, we construct and perform one play and one musical each school year. During the preparation of these productions, students learn to appreciate and acquire skill in acting, singing, costume design, set construction and technical stage trades. Our department takes pride in the quality and thoughtfulness of our approach to the performing arts.

Ashley Ward

Producer and Vocal Director

Jared Schneider

Director and Character Development

Heidi Tigges

Conductor and Orchestra Director

Matthew Weber

Director of Theaters WLCSD

Matt WeberMatthew Weber is the auditorium manager for the Walled Lake Consolidated Schools where he manages their 3 high school auditoriums. Matt is also a professional lighting designer and theatrical contractor. Past and present projects include work with local school districts, Stagecrafters in Royal Oak, and The Cedar Point, Dorney Park, and Valley Fair Live Entertainment Department. For more information on the Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Technical Crew please visit our website

Molly Zeleski


Jake Turner

Scenic Designer

Sueellen Keith

Costume Designer

Bill Digneit

Sound Designer

Zach Cummins

Lighting Designer