Dear “Once upon a Mattress” Auditioner:
Thank you for taking the time to audition for “Once Upon a Mattress”.  All of us on the production team are grateful for the time you invested in being with us to make a memorable audition presentation. As you know from the comments at the informational meeting, the “Once upon a Mattress” script has its own set of unique demands.  Therefore, competition is keen- especially when one considers that so many of those who auditioned were very talented young people.
We count you as among the talented! And we are also humbled by how many truly talented students there are at Walled Lake Northern. Be assured that your efforts and preparations are most appreciated. The entire production team would like to personally thank you.
Please know that many factors go into the final selection- and such factors have absolutely no bearing on your intrinsic worth as a person or your basic talent as a performer.
We encourage you (and your parents) to make good decisions about using technology or social media to share your emotions in response to the cast list. Sharing happy, sad, excited or angry thoughts will always have consequences on your relationship with the Performing Arts Department.  If you did not make it as a cast member, or did not get the role you initially wanted, please take some time away from your phone and computer. Be careful of burning bridges for the future.  If you would like to have a conversation with the production team in regards to your audition, please wait a few days, then feel free to talk to us.   We also strongly encourage you to stay involved in the production, through the tech crew, hair and makeup, props, or costume teams.
Congratulations to all who auditioned. These were extremely tough decisions that were made- which took a great deal of thought and consideration.
-The Once upon a Mattress Production Team
Cast List (Sorted by Last Name)
**Please note:  Ensemble members will be split into smaller groups, based on choreography and casting needs.
Students are expected to find the cast list (posted on the Callboard) and initial next to their name to officially accept their role.  The mandatory company/parent meeting is Thursday November 7th at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.
Also- our first, full cast rehearsal will be on
Thursday November 7th from 2:30-5:00 pm
Last Name First Name Role
Abbo Vanessa Kitchen Wench #1
Alexander Gabby Ensemble
Anderson Ava Ensemble
Anulewicz Ellie Ensemble
Asmar Zoe Ensemble
Atkinson Justin Knight #2/Wizard US
Augenstein Mitchell Jester
Bartell Alyssa Lady Lucille
Bowe Jackson Sir Harold
Brunsell Alesia Ensemble
Carpenter Caitlyn Ensemble
Carrick Sydney Lady Beatrice
Currin Zachary Knight #2/Sir Luce
DeFrane Julianna Ensemble
Denny Logan Ensemble
DeRubeis Sarah Ensemble
Donohue Danielle Ensemble
Feinstein Olivia Ensemble
Freund Isabelle Ensemble
Gaulin Erin Ensemble
Gaulin Maysen Ensemble
Gimple Caroline Ensemble
Ginsburg Shelby Kitchen Wench #2
Grantham Lauren Ensemble/Dance Captain
Gustafson Malena Princess #12/Queen US
Harding Ethan Ensemble
Harding Tyler Wizard
Hessler Jayden Ensemble
Hocking Bella Ensemble
Hocking Mia Ensemble
Hopkins Kade Ensemble
Hulka Tyler Ensemble
Isbell Khalan Lady Rowena/Winnifred US
James Maisie Lady Helena
Kellman Jaden Prince Dauntless
Klikovac Nikoleta Lady Mabelle
Kravick Amelia Luce’s Lady
LaDouceur Regan Ensemble
Lichtman Chase Sir Studly
Marra Elise Queen Aggravain
McMillen Kaylee Ensemble
Meloche Noah Minstrel
Meloche Ava Ensemble
Michaels Ellie Ensemble/Lady Larken US
Miracle Emily Ensemble
Montowski Sarah Ensemble
Mouton Gavin King Sextimus/Dance Captain
Murchie Claire Ensemble
Murphy Mandy Ensemble
Murray Alexa Ensemble
Pace Destiny Lady Merrill
Pederson Julia Ensemble
Prew McKayla Ensemble
Quittschreiber Franki Ensemble/Dance Captain
Ryder Makenzie Princess Winnifred
Savone Francesca Ensemble
Schmidt Gabby Ensemble
Schuldinger Mitchell Sir Harry
Schwartz Harrison Ensemble
Stopczynski Jamie Lady Larken/Dance Captain
Toby Maddie Kitchen Wench #3
Vachon Ella Ensemble
Weintraub Liliana Nightingale
Williams Trinnity Ensemble
Zeleny Jensen Ensemble